EMDR for Trauma Intensive

For Residents and Students in CO • CT • FL • ME • NY • RI • VT

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Are you in talk therapy but want to get through a block or get to the “root” of the issue?
Are weekly EMDR sessions not working for you?
Are you too busy to commit to weekly or biweekly therapy?
Do you want full confidentiality without your insurance company having your diagnosis?
Do you want to experience deep therapeutic work that can change your life?
Or maybe you had a painful experience that is still impacting you today.

EMDR Intensives help you get to the root of the issue that may have you blocked or stuck, in one day.

Three Hour or Six Hour Session includes:

  • Explanation of the Eight Phases of EMDR
  • Explanation of AIP Model of EMDR
  • Identifying the Target(s) to work on
  • Resource development
  • Trauma processing & reprocessing
  • Future Template (preparing for challenging future situations)
  • Resource Development
  • Coping Skills
  • Handouts with helpful information

There is a one hour lunch break and some 15 minute breaks.

Sessions are scheduled on the weekends by appointment only.
This is not a covered service by insurance; you will pay for this service directly
(the first hour may be billable to insurance – ask for information).

Intensive Pricing: $600 (3 hours) or $1200 (6 hours). The intensive may save you money as you are able to potentially get more done in one day than months of individual therapy.

Who can this help?

  • Trauma related to single events (car accident, injury, assault).
  • Trauma or anxiety related to fears (public speaking, dating, etc).
  • Anxiety about an upcoming event (child birth, surgery, wedding).
  • Processing specific traumatic experiences that are most troubling (recent or past).
  • Resolving trauma related to dating and narcissistic abuse.
  • Clearing blocks/past experiences to setting boundaries
  • and more…

We know that trauma can be healed and healed more quickly using EMDR

Prior to the EMDR Intensive, we meet for a Pre-Intensive Consultation to determine the goal of the intensive. We will look at what your life looks like now (your support system, stressors, ways you cope, and places that you want relief, growth, or to take a big step forward). During the EMDR Intensive we do 2 things: 1) Help upsetting memories to be less upsetting and 2) Install positive thoughts about yourself to move you forward. We do this with EMDR Reprocessing as well as resourcing activities and incorporating the bilateral stimulation used in EMDR. Depending on where you are in your journey, we may spend time on your earliest relationships in life (i.e. attachment). For others, the focus is more future oriented. This process can be very personal and customized to you. After the EMDR Intensive, we review what was helpful to reflect on the elements that were most meaningful to you and how you want to infuse that into your life moving forward.

Next Steps: Click on contact and send an email to set up a consultation and discuss how EMDR can help you. There will be a 15 minute consultation, the cost of which is $60. This is non-refundable but if you decide to book a three or six hour intensive, it will be applied to the cost of the intensive session.