Narcissist Talks with Therapist about NPD #npd #narcissism #understandingnarcissism

Psychotherapist Lisa Taylor-Austin talks with Leon R Walker Jr, who has been diagnosed with Narcissism. Hear about how his life experiences affected him, and in turn, how he affected others. Watch entire video here 

Topics: The diagnosis 1:15;  Accepting the diagnosis 4:52;  Career v. Home Life 7:00;  I knew I was different 10:34;  Mothers 13:50 and 21:00; Similarities in Narcissism 15:04;  Why I got Married 16:42;  Cheating 22:20 and 34:03; Therapy 22:24;  Memory Gaps 27:33;  Owning Others 36:58;  Co-Dependency 41:24;  Relationship after Therapy 47:47;  Do I have NPD? 53:10

Narcissist Talks with Therapist About NPD